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Still the ONLY permanent method of hair removal!

We follow the highest standards of infection control precautions.

We ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

We have the ability to treat all skin types and all hair colors!

We Serve Female AND Male Clients!

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Our treatment room is clean and beautiful, with a tranquil, comforting atmosphere!



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Professional Electrolysis Hair Removal


Electrolysis is a method to permanently remove unwanted hair using a tiny probe the size of your hair, which is inserted into each hair follicle.  A very low electric current is then delivered to the follicle through the probe which causes localized damage to the cells that produce the hair.  Most patrons feel only a slight tingling sensation.

Electrolysis is:

  • A safe and permanent solution for hair removal since it’s invention over 140 years ago.
  • Approved by physicians and health professionals.
  • Effective for ALL hair colors and All hair types.
  • Works on ALL types of skin and complexions (unlike laser hair removal).

Electrolysis involves a series of treatments over a period of time.  The number of treatments depends on many factors, including the hair's coarseness, the cause of the excess hairs, hormonal or glandular imbalances, and previous methods of hair removal such as tweezing and waxing.  However, once the hair germ cells in the follicle are destroyed, the hair will not grow back and you will be free forever from the hair removing burden!

If you have any more questions about Electrolysis, please refer to the FAQ page.

What to Expect...

We offer the most advanced equipment existing today, and the most up-to-date electrolysis methods are being used in our practice.  This means you will receive unrivaled comfort and efficiency for your permanent hair removal treatment!

When you arrive for your consultation and initial treatment, we will raise your comfort level by first consulting about the type of treatment you will need based on your genetics or medical issues.

We follow the most stringent guidelines for infection control:

  •  We only use pre-sterilized, single use, disposable probes.
  •  We always wear gloves.
  •  All instruments are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized with a hospital grade sterilizing machine.
  • Every surface is wiped down with germicidal solutions before and after each client.

Electrolysis is an excellent solution for those discouraged by the unsuccessful results of other hair removal methods.

Most areas of the body can be treated safely with electrolysis and there are no permanent side effects.

Our commitment is to provide excellence in the art and science of permanent hair removal - dedicated to customer satisfaction and care.

Cleanliness, safety and permanent results are of our utmost concerns.  We want your experience to be marked by integrity and professionalism, so you can be assured of your health and comfort.

If you have any more questions about Electrolysis, please refer to the FAQ page.

Please call 678-794-6037 to arrange an appointment or a free consultation with demonstration.  We are located off Hwy 400 in the Samaritan Place Office Condominiums, downtown Cumming.

By appointment only.